Monday, February 25, 2008

Why Not Smile

Lots of original work from Hoon Kim / Graphic Designer.


  1. Nice blog. I will keep checking on it.
    I like your template. Would you know where I can find one like that?

  2. lol. im saying the same thing as mantas. your pictures rock! could you give me any tips? im just begining and its just for fun...

    and i agree with the template. know where i can get one, or on like it. its really awesome just like your pics. i hope you dont mind me checking you blog everyonce in a while...

  3. Hey guys, thanks for the comments.
    I've designed and coded the layout of the blog myself. It's based on the Minima layout on Blogger.

    The content comes from various design and art related sites that I check regularly and suggestions from visitors/creators. Keep following links and you'll find something worth posting.

    good luck/


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